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The Odum Level
checked in briefly, ISU down 13-3 at the half, ISU driving on their 1st possession in the
2nd half. No real surprises yet. I still suspect this is ISU's last shot for a win in 2007 as the rest of the schedule is against teams that are all ranked in the I-AA polls. Except WKU of course.

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The Captain Level
SEMO's Winning Touchdown

Did anyone listen to the ISU-SEMO game on radio?

Here is what the announcers said transpired late in the second quarter. SEMO mounted a drive to the ISU 22-yard line and called timeout with about ten seconds left in the half to bring in its field goal unit.

ISU responded by putting in its field goal defense unit. After the timeout, SEMO again lined up to kick a field goal. So ISU responded by calling timeout to "freeze the kicker." If I am not mistaken it would have been a 39-yard attempt.

Near the end of the ISU timeout, SEMO's offensive unit re-entered the game. ISU apparently did not have time, or the presence of mind, to send in its defensive unit and SEMO scored what turned out to be the winning touchdown against what was described as a "defenseless defense" though I am certain our kick defense team has been schooled as to how to handle a fake kick. One of the announcers said we were "fooled." I do not think SEMO even lined up in field goal formation after the second timeout.

The halftime score: SEMO 13, ISU 3. Final Score: SEMO 13, ISU 10.

The first question I have is: Is this legal? In most sports, a player has to play at least one play after entering a game before he can be replaced. Since there is no official scorer tracking football substitutions, the answer probably is no.

There was no mention of this event in the Tribune-Star story this morning. If the radio account was correct, it certainly deserved to receive mention.


The Captain Level
It sounds ok... It's late, but I think i have the scenario down in my mind and it sounds like SEMO was in the clear.


The Kleuh Level
Those Nebraska connections have really benefitted ISU, haven't they? How many years - record @ Terre Haute involving Raetz & McGuire? Did Raetz influence the hiring of McGuire as HC? He seemingly had significant clout in the ISU sports world during his tenure.

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