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The Captain Level
Tom James,

Is the ISU Football Newsletter just for former players? I am an alumni of ISU and am interested in the newsletter. Is there anyway that I could receive it?



The JSW Level
i conceived of doing the newsletter as a way to reconnect former players, coaches, student manager and trainers with the isu football program. right now, my list is just of former players. but i can always add a few interested fans. send me your email address. that's how i send out the newsletter, via email. thanks for your interest.

by the way, the newsletter is straight news, comments and updates about the football program. i do one every couple of weeks during the offseason and more frequently once we begin the season. i also send out updates if there is any breaking news.


I thoroughly enjoy the newsletter. Even some of my old coaches are commenting on it.


The Odum Level
TJ, I sent you my address to include me on the list, if that's ok. thanks! We all appreciate your insight!