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The Recruit Level
For this Saturday's football game vs. Southern Illinois, the Ballyhoo will be having a tailgate party outside Memorial Stadium with free food, soda, and a few free game tickets. Bring your friends and family out to the stadium starting at 10am and look for the motor home (courtesy of SycamoreBlue) parked just southwest of the stadium. Also, btisu22 is on board and will be manning the grill. We hope to see you there!

On another note...I don't know if many of you realize that the Athletic Department has created a Varsity Club room at the stadium. This very nice and much needed addition to the stadium is an old storage room that has been converted in to a lounge with two plasma tv's and a bar. Like the basketball set-up, you need to be a Varsity Club member to enter. Which leads me to...

While speaking with Brett Bruchette, he told us about a new fund created withing the Varsity Club. It's called the Athletic Directors Fund. This fund was created to give Mr. Prettyman the funds needed to make critical decisions within the department without taking funds from the various athletic programs or going to the university and continuously asking for more money. My understanding is that this kind of fund will give him the leverage to dismiss or extend coaching contracts and make capital improvements that he deems necessary. I think it vital that as Sycamore fans, we put our money where our mouth is and give to this fund to show Mr. Prettyman and his staff that we want the best for our University and our Athletic programs. Therefore, the Ballyhoo gave $1,000 to this fund and we challenge all of you to the same. Maybe more, maybe less...just give something so we can continue to move forward. There are some very exciting things happening in Sycamore Country right now and we need to give Mr. Prettyman the resources to get our Athletic programs where we all want them to be. I've included the link for the Varsity Club should you feel as we do...

Once again...Hope to see many of you on Saturday. GO SYCAMORES!:sycamores:

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Thanks for the invitation Jay. When I get home this evening, I'll send out a mass email to all members informing them about this event and cause.