ISU MVC seed watch

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The Odum Level
well, Bradley is helping the ISU cause as they're up 39-19 on UNI at the half. Bradley hit a half court 3 pointer at the buzzer at the end of the 1st half.

Meanwhile in Springfield, MSU is crushing CU in the 1st half 36-24 (bad)

Remember all ISU needs is either UNI OR MSU to lose to get out of playing on Thursday! GO CU and BU!!

UNI and MSU losses give ISU the 5 seed.

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Bradley beats UNI!! So ISU moves to the 6 seed.

MSU is pounding CU 61-42 with 4:26 left in Springfield, so ISU will be the 6 seed in St Joe, Missouri for the MVC tourney. MSU will be the 5 seed, UNI the 7 seed.

the top 3 teams in the MVC all ended with 13-5 records, CU will end 12-6 and be the 4 seed. Not sure who will be 1, 2, and 3 since they all tied.
Not real sure but I think Illinois State will be 1 seed,

Evansville 2 seed, and Drake 3 seed. So Bradley and Southern will face off in one play in game for the right to face Illinois State. Northern Iowa and Wichita State will play in the other play-in game to face Evansville. Creighton and Miss St will play in the upper Bracket and Indiana State will play Drake in the last game Friday night. At least thats how I see it.
Hopefully having the last game on Friday night (8:35 I think), State should be able to get quite a few fans to drive over for that.