ISU now in Mid Major poll

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The Odum Level
I know we hate the term mid major, but ISU is getting votes in the newly released mid-major poll.

MVC teams:

7. Drake
12. Creighton
15. Illinois State
25. Northern Iowa

also receiving votes: Indiana State 14, Southern Illinois 14, Wichita State 7, Missouri State 4

Only Bradley and Evansville left out. With a WIN at Drake, ISU should catapult into the top 25 of this poll.



The Odum Level
Wins against Creighton and Northern Iowa don't count for much apparently. I guess since we won at home they give the teams with the stronger track record and better overall mark a higher ranking.


The Varsity Level
This poll is a and alway will be a joke.....Memphis is the best mid-major. Tell me in the last couple of years that Con. USA is a Major of some sort.:krazy: