ISU Trustee fundraising for Ivy Tech?

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The Nicks Level
Am I the only one who found this situation strange? For those that don't know - ISU Board member Joyce Rogers has just been appointed Vice President for Development (fundraising) at Ivy Tech. Remember, ISU is about to embark on the University's biggest capital campaign EVER. Governor Daniels, in a moment of sheer stupidity (in my opinion), says he doesn't see a conflict of interest. Help me out here, fellow Trees. Am I just being touchy?

What about this scenario: In her job as VP at Ivy Tech, Rogers is schmoozing a big donor. In the course of the coversation, said big donor states, "We've been talking to Indiana State about a major gift also. We can only afford one major gift of this kind." At that point, who is Rogers working for?

This is a situation that should never come up. It's bad for ISU and it's bad for Ms. Rogers. I'm sure she's a great person and is very talented, but she shouldn't be in this situation, and neither should ISU. If this was an IU trustee, the governor would never allow this to happen.

What do you all think?

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
No, you're not being touchy and you're spot on. Now that she is a VP at Ivy Tech, she is paid for and her job performance is measured (I'd assume) on the money she brings in. She would definitely want that money for Ivy Tech over Indiana State.