ISU vs. Marquette

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The All-MVC Level
now down 18, prob. going to be a rough start for the women this year given they're so young. Hopefully by the time the MVC games come around they'll be playing well.


The Sycamore Level
We will have growing pains w/ our youth and will win some games we shouldn't and lose some we shouldn't as well. I believe they took Marquette by surprise in the first half w/ their toughness, no back down attitude. In the second half we turned the ball over early and that led to the momentum change.

I have seen this happen at every level - men/women - why does a player come in from the bench cold, and launch a three first time they touch the ball? This just makes coaches pull their hair out....and fans as well :naughty:

Once our freshmen learn what is a good shot and what is a forced shot early in the shot clock, I feel we will make the turn to a very good team.

I thought Luna once again played well and Cooley let some of the players from Marquette know she was there....way to go Kelsie!