iSU vs. Oakland City

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The Varsity Level
Please note that we treat the Oakland City game as a regular season game. Oakland City treats the game as an "exhibition game." The Oaks lost to Evansville, 82-43, last weekend in their first exhibition game of the season.

See: Season/07-08schedule.htm

It's odd that one team makes it an exibition while the other uses it for regular season. Does this happen much? Maybe I just never noticed it until brought to attention.:krazy:


The Captain Level
Aren't you only allowed so many regular season games? I haven't glanced at Oakland's schedule much (other than to see when they played Xavier). Could it be that they had to call the ISU game an exhibition to keep under a certain number of OOC regular season games?


Hang on awhile Bent20. You will see lots of dumber things happen. Start with how many officials are going to call a technical on a coach for every vulgar moment. It would be worth a trip to Texas Tech for example to see how that rule is called fair & equal.


The Odum Level
good to see Tunnell off to a good start, he needs a good game. ISU up 2-0 early.


The Odum Level
14-7 ISU, still early. ISU missing lots of shots.

what in the heck is up with "live stats" on the ISU site?? Shows OCU with -2 points and already has a halftime score?? What the heck???
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