it's finally official, we're the worst


The Odum Level
with WSU's win over Illinois State and MSU's pounding of Drake ISU has officially sunk all the way to the bottom of the MVC. We'll be listed in last with our overall record being so utterly dreadful. But we belong there, so we can't complain.

UNI beats Bradley and now sits with a 2 game lead in the MVC, unreal.

New standings

Northern Iowa 7-1 13-6
Illinois State 5-3 16-3
Bradley 5-3 11-8
Creighton 5-3 15-5
Drake 4-4 13-7
Evansville 4-4 12-6
Southern Illinois 4-4 9-10
Missouri State 2-6 9-10
Wichita State 2-6 8-11
Indiana State 2-6 4-15