Jake Laravia interview

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The Varsity Level
Well that seems to fly directly in the face of Lansing or his system.
Only mentions that indiana state was first team to offer after he reopened. I don’t want to harbor any negative feelings but it does make you wonder if he was truly leaving after his sophomore season no matter what. To skip over that part of his development and not show love to his former coach might’ve been telling.


The All-MVC Level
Just get the feeling he thinks ISU is beneath him. He may have stayed one more year with GL here, but no way he would still be here.

Mentioned his shooting was held back previously… that would surprise me. He looked to have the green light all times in his final year here.

Anywho, moving on from him. Should have a great career in Europe.


The Starter Level
Sounds like he's staying in the draft and is expecting to be a 1st rounder? Has he hired an agent?? Man I hope not. All of the publications that I bothered to check have Jake multiple draft spots (5-10) behind David Roddy. I hope he's seeing that.


The All-American Level
I'm done with this guy.
I've been done with him since he left. I told you all he was a traitor that felt like he was too good for ISU. That's why I was so annoyed with all the Wake Forest nonsense all season. No loyalty whatsoever and it was obvious based on how loyal he was to SIUE. The only reason he came to ISU rather than to the Toilet Bowl in West Lafayette was because he was smart enough to realize he'd be riding the pine there.


The Blue Level
WoW! Somebody has gotten a big head! Can we say buried and forgotten in the European League if not this year within the next 1-2 years.