Jay is ESPN.com's Top Performer


The Odum Level
WELL DESERVED, now lets hope that last shot is on ESPN's top 10 list tonight too, be sure to watch/tape sportscenter everyone!

it feels SO much better after a win doesn't it!


Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Kinda odd...the game was on the U and then they don't even mention w/ the buzzer beater section? But they manage to put in St. Peter's??

Just odd...


The Nicks Level
A staff member of mine was playing cards last night and had the TV tuned to ESPN and she said that they did highlights from the game, including Harry's big shot. I watched and watched last night, but never saw it. My luck...

Oh well, I saw it LIVE!!!!! (on the computer, of course)



The Odum Level
Last time I saw ESPN do highlights from an ISU game was last year against Evansville. It was about 10 seconds long and the announcers spent most of that time making fun of the quality of the television feed. With each passing year ESPN has fewer and fewer redeeming qualities.