Jordan Fife (07) breaks 4 min. mile!!

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The Odum Level
ISU class of 07 runner Jordan Fife broke the 4 min. mile barrier tonight at ND! Still top 10 in the WORLD for an indoor mile for 2008! I will post a race video when it is available! This is unreal!

Men 1 Mile Run Meyo NCAA Auto: # 3:59.50 NCAA Prov: ! 4:04.00 Name Year School Finals
1 Bolas, Jack Wisconsin 3:59.40# 2 Fife, Jordan Brooks Team IN 3:59.75! 3 Bethke, Brandon Wisconsin 3:59.85! 4 See, Jeff Ohio State 4:00.05! 5 Robinson, Grant Unattached 4:00.51! 6 Watson, Jake Notre Dame 4:00.59! 7 Ulrey, Dorian Northern Iowa 4:01.66! 8 Emanuel, Lee New Mexico 4:02.47! 9 Bair, Sam Pittsburgh 4:02.90! 10 Switzer, Justin Michigan 4:03.43! 11 Kleimenhagen, Ryan Brooks Team IN 4:05.86 12 Schout, Luc Louisville 4:06.10 13 Cornell, Tim Missouri 4:07.44 14 Pancoast, Jim Michigan State 4:10.59


The Odum Level

ISU (07) alum Jordan Fife is in blue, stayed near the back of the pack till the last lap, then unleashed the most incredible kick I've ever seen from an ISU runner!!!! Scott Overall was the rabbit once again.

Watch the video and Fife's reaction when he hears he broke 4 minutes!! Way to go Fife!!
Jordan is only the 4th person from Indiana to break 4 minutes for the Mile run

from the Trib Star:

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