Kelsey Luna

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The Varsity Level
I was talking to someone this past Saturday who had lunch with Kelsey earlier in the week, and said she was going to transfer to Washington U. in St. Louis. Would really hate to see her go.

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Something internal is going on with our beloved womens program. First Maria Olsthoorn and now maybe Kelsey leaving the team. I'm also hearing Kelsie Cooley maybe leaving. What's going on here?
I'm hearing it all comes down to Bankhead and A. Phillips.
Kelsie Cooley is staying put

I have it from a very reliable source namely my daughter. She loves Indiana State and was very happy with her freshman season. Kelsie is looking forward to working with the incoming class and those who are returning. Kelsey Luna is a great kid and has really helped our Kelsie on and off the court this year. Coach Wiedie and the great support for womens basketball at the Hulman made Kelsies choice an easy one. Look for good things next season. Johnny Cooley

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Thank you for setting the record straight momma Cooley :bigsmile: I think Kelsie endeared herself to many Sycamore fans this season with her wonderful attitude and obvious love of the game. I look forward to watching her grow as a player!! :sycamores:
Great to have Kelsie back. She plays with lots of intensity and fun to watch. We are looking forward to the next season. Maria is pursuing a nursing degree and there are only so many hours in a day. She had to make a tough decision. Good luck to her in she quest for a very demanding major. You go girl!