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Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
This was on last night or the night before. Did anyone watch it?? Just curious about what he may have said...

Blue Streaker

The Varsity Level
I did watch while doing other things, but defensive breakdowns and turnovers were his biggest concerns. He also is pleased with the contributions of Martin and Carter. He also says Jay has got to stay healthy, he has already been knocked in the same knee twice, and also has a thigh burise on the same leg it I am remembering it correctly. Coach also metioned about the need for Rico to be more consistant both scoring and especially with his ball handling.

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level looked like it wasn't anything structural for Jay when he went down in both games...more like knee to knee contact that, while not pleasant, are a little more comforting to deal w/ than torn cartilage or ligaments.

Thanks for the review.


The Varsity Level
Is there a video podcast? Those of use outside the viewing area would like the opportunity to view this program as well.



The Varsity Level
I'm a season ticket holder. Didn't get an email. And if one must visit daily to find out about this, I hardly call that promotion.
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