Lamar Lee Officially Transferring from ISU

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Lee seeking transfer from Sycamores

Lamar Lee is still officially part of the Indiana State men?s basketball team, but that?s more a formality than reality. Lee, who averaged 1.9 points in 18 games for ISU, is actively seeking a transfer from ISU and will not be a part of the Sycamores? plans next season.



The Odum Level
It's sad to see Lamar go, I was impressed whenever he played, I am sure he will be a great player wherever he winds up! good luck Lamar!


The Nicks Level
I'm not surprised, but I am sad. I really thought Lamar had what we needed. Must not have been the right fit. I wish him all the best!!!!


The Odum Level
Almost sounds like the coaching staff doesn't mind seeing him go. I don't understand why he is leaving if playing time was the issue. Gabe Moore is gone now and they need someone to step up and replace him.


The Menser Level
Even if they think he has potential, I doubt that they are too upset. I think we have plenty of guard options and he can replaced by filling a specific need.