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The Wade Level
First off let me say that I love what UofL is doing with thier football program. They are slowing turning The Ville into a football school instead of a hoops school. With that said the only thing that gets me about Louisville fans are how they constantly whine about a lack of respect nationaly and in the BCS scheme. First off they don't play anyone outside of Kentucky and that's because of the obivous rivary. Now they are blaming Yom Kippur for a possiable low crowd turnout??? :krazy: It'll be the same holiday around the country but I bet other big time programs will pack the houses despite it. Give me a break

Blame ESPN for U of L game on Yom Kippur

The timing of Saturday's football game against Syracuse could affect the University of Louisville's attendance, and it has nothing to do with last week's loss at Kentucky.

Saturday also is Yom Kippur, considered the holiest of all Jewish holidays. Yom Kippur, which means "Day of Atonement," runs from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. Many Jews abstain from all work or recreational activities and attend synagogue services during the holiday.

U of L originally wanted the game to be at night as part of a recruiting weekend, and that might not have conflicted with the holiday. But the game was picked up by ESPN Regional as its Big East Conference matchup of the week, so U of L was contractually obligated to comply with the network's time demands. The game will be shown locally on WHAS-11.

Team spokesman Rocco Gasparro said he didn't know of any U of L players who are Jewish.


The Kleuh Level
2nd Rate

One year of winning a 2nd rate Bowl Game (Orange) has hyperinflated the egos of Cardinal fans. They're NOT a top 25 team this year with just an "average or lower" defense, and to listen to those comparing L'ville to USC, Florida, GA, etc. is pure JIVE

All week the "locals" have been preoccupied with punishing a lineman who gave UK fans the "finger" last week.Yesterday in a WHAS radio TALK SHOW, a "university spokesperson" called in and stated that the UL player would receive 20 hrs. community service for his action. Nothing better to focus on or discuss?A few are even calling for their 1st yr. coaches "scalp"...:talktohand:

Smalltimers...at best, regardless of the pizza man's efforts to elevate the program. Simply don't have the longevity and national exposure to warrant big time status...yet.