[March 20, 2023] Indiana State (23-12) vs Eastern Kentucky (21-13)

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The JSW Level
Voss was absolutely fine this year. He is a scorer; that is what his job was for us this year and he did it with one of the best offensive seasons we've seen this decade. I don't think he tried being the hero anymore than JB, Brenton Scott, or any of our other prolific scorers have been this season. He hit 2 GIANT 3s for us this season, it's just unfortunate neither one of them stuck. He passed up the last shot of his collegiate career for a better shot from his teammates. If you are salty about the ending in the Bradley game then I don't know what to tell you. He would of had to of found Henry (who I don't even think he realized he was open to 'till the last second) through 4 of the longest and best defenders in the valley. If that ball gets tipped, or we run out of time; everybody is bitching and moaning about why he didn't shoot a contested 3, which he has hit at a high clip all season.

Jordan Barnes had THE best offensive season behind the arc EVER for a Sycamore.
JB = 117 3 pointers at 42%. 51 2 pointers at 39%. 87 free throws at 85%. 540 total points
VM = 111 3 pointers at 38%. 82 2 pointers at 53%. 59 free throws at 70%. 556 total points

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