Matt King - Indiana Top 50

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The Captain Level
Matt King is listed on the Indiana Football Coaches Association Top 50 All-State team. That is a pretty serious honor.

Why don't we talk about this kid more?

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The All-MVC Level
That is quite an honor. I had some skepticism because of the size of the school and the level of competetion, but the ISU coaches know what they're doing, and the Indiana Coaches Assn, I'm sure recognize talent. How many incoming Freshmen are we guessing will start or see significant playing time? At what positions?


The Captain Level
I'm not sure how many "starters" we will have in this class because we had so many young guys last year. I think we will have a lot of Soph and RS-Fr starting for sure.

We have some good TEs coming in this year, so we may see one of them start as a true Freshman.

There is going to be some really good competition in practice this year.