Men vs women in recruiting

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The All-MVC Level
"but regardless it really shoots down the argument about better facilities being the best solution."

WHAT?.........I don't follow your logic AT ALL!!!


The Menser Level

I would think most women recruits would be impressed with 3 or 4 k in the stands when they visit.


The recruiting season was usually wrapped up in the fall (November) signing season when Waltman was here. Did we gain an advantage anywhere during that time?

The women have only received a couple of verbals that I can remember from players during their junior year. The men have had one already with Mahurin from Rockville with our new coaching staff in place.

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Why is it the women can lure recruits like this well in advance and the men's program struggles to find and replace recruits the spring prior to their freshman year? I'm going to assume it's because the women's team has been more successful, but regardless it really shoots down the argument about better facilities being the best solution.

Is RJ Mahurin chopped liver? He has verballed, he is supposed to be the real deal. He is a 2009 kid. I would bet that there are plenty of others on the radar for 2009 as well (and for 2010 for that matter.)

Didn't realize someone had already mentioned bad.


Hugh McAwesome
I think it is a combination of two things. First, I think it is much more difficult to recruit in the men's game. Our coaches really need to scout early and catch some guys before they fully develop as upper classmen, such as Moss and now Richards. Also, I think the average male player vs. the average female player is looking for different things out of a program. We can show a female recruit a couple of thousand and that will impress them, never mind that it is not a strong conference or that we don't play on television. I don't think the average girl is going to be bothered by that. I think the majority of male players look at the size of the school, the ability to be on television, the superficial things, etc. I don't think the ladies are as interested in these things.

However, that being said, I have not heard too many bad things about our recruiting class for next year, and the kid from Rockville sounds like a sleeper, so even though we may not sign the kids as quick as some would like, its quality that is important. Doesn't matter where they come from, why they come or when they sign, as long as they can play and give it everything they can once they get here.

(I do think the new weightroom and the additions to the Hulman Center are only going to boost recruiting, and at the very least, they don't hurt.)