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The Odum Level
I'd like to see the school's administration make an effort to develop a plan of any kind, which I highly doubt will ever happen. I'd support just about any plan at this point, if just to have one. Here is one: let's decide to lose as many games as possible over the next five years without actually making it a mandate for Mallory (he might actually mistakenly win a few) so we can win a bet with Youngstown State to see who can be worse. Winner gets one year with their logo on a doormat at the lockeroom entrance for all the other teams in the conference. Woo, Go Shittymores! Again, if you're affiliated with the program in some way, another annoying parent perhaps wanting to preach to us about how it's gonna be diffrent now (where did 2021 go?), find a way to help prove me wrong. The people getting paid to try to do it sure aren't putting forth much effort. Better yet, have your kid concentrate on their education at ISU. It is a very good school (with a football program that should be put out of its misery).