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The Wade Level
The women will be on the floor for about an hour. Wiedie said the women will have about 20 minutes of drill work, followed by a 20-minute scrimmage.

?The first day is a chance to get some jitters out. There?s so much positive energy and anticipation. This year the group is eager and anxious to get going after the way last year ended. To be honest, it?s usually a sloppy practice because everyone?s so excited,? Wiedie said.

McKenna expects no sloppiness. He said the men will likely practice for about two hours. He stressed that he intends to waste no time getting the Sycamores indoctrinated into his new system.

?We need to get into a routine quickly and hopefully have guys pick up on what we?re going to do,? McKenna said. ?The NCAA allows us to work with them a few days a week [before official practice begins], but we haven?t spent a whole lot of time teaching them. We need the practice time, we need to get to know each other.?

That dynamic was the main reason the men?s team did not plan an elaborate midnight madness spectacle of their own.

?Some people are all about midnight madness, but we have a ton of stuff to put in before Nov. 1 [when ISU plays DePauw in an exhibition game]. We might do something with [midnight madness] down the line, but we need the practice time,? McKenna said.

McKenna said the men will practice twice Saturday.

The Block Party is free with free food and soft drinks available. There will be a beer garden too, though beer is not free. There will be music and a kid?s zone with activities for all ages. Season ticket purchases will also be able to be made and kids can join the Sycamore Club as well.

According to Wiedie, members of both the men?s and women?s teams will be out at approximately 5:45 p.m. to interact with the fans with about an hour. Activity switches to the Hulman Center at 7 p.m. Both the women?s and the men?s practices are open to the public today
I'll have a full report on here tommorow regarding the Block Party and practices. I'm working on a ton of photos that'll I'll have on here tonite and tommorow.