MVC article, peoria paper 12/24

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Unfortunately the Sycamores are predicted by the rest of the Valley to be one of the bottom two or three teams. Until we prove on the court that we can hold serve at home in the Valley (we did in the non-conference season) & win once in awhile on the road (haven't done that yet) we will not get out of the bottom three and will get no respect in the league. A win at Evansville & a home court win against Creighton in our first two games would start kicking that bottom feeder monkey off our back.



Hugh McAwesome
I agree, until we start winning in January and February, we aren't going to be thought too highly in the conference. We have had some very nice non-conf wins the last few years only to have them count for very little by March. We need to start off the Valley conference games strong and maintain. Road win at E-ville would go a long way towards getting a decent seed in St. Louis....


The Odum Level
who knows? Maybe this is the year things change? The past 2 seasons ISU has started out red hot, then failed miserably in Jan. and Feb., this year they only beat the teams they were supposed to beat, no surprise wins, so maybe they won't go winless in Jan. and Feb??


The Kleuh Level
We're seeing a slow but steady rise on the hoop learning curve, although 25% of the Forumites still reflect "disappointment" with the rate of seasonal progress in a recent poll. While our shooting % must increase to put us over the threshold, we've witnessed greater fluidity and confidence while instituting a number of varied offensive & defensive formats under our 1st-year Coach. Playing time has been divided, thus allowing simultaneous endurance/strength develpment, which should payoff in the LONG RUN for our inside players (our major team weakness).

I'm hoping that our inside game will begin clicking on all cylinders once our outside game reaches 3/4 efficiency. We should be arriving there by February.:sycamores:


Hugh McAwesome
One of the reasons for the disappointment by many on this board and Sycamore fans overall was that the bar was set way too high before the season started. There were some who thought we would leap to a top three team and even approach winning 20 games. I don't think many realize how difficult it has been for our players to basically start over this year with a completely different offensive and defensive package. We have to give it time, which for many of us is the hardest part because we haven't won since 2001. We have waited a long time, but it just makes it that much sweeter when it happens.