MVC Coach Flashback

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The Captain Level
Below is a list of the coaches in the MVC in 2003.

1. Dana Altman - Creighton
2. Mark Turgeon - Wichita St.
3. Tom Davis - Drake
4. Jim Les - Bradley
5. Steve Merfeld - Evansville
6. Porter Moser - Illinois State
7. Greg Dermott - Northern Iowa
8. Matt Painter - Southern Illinois
9. Royce Waltman - Indiana St.
10. Barry Hinson - Southeast Missouri

How many are left?
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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
There are five new coaches this year alone, the first time there has been that much coaching turnover in the Valley since 1978-79 if I am not mistaken. That's just crazy.


The Wade Level
The MVC has become a national player the past 3 years so it's becoming more like the "power" conferences, win or we'll find someone that will!


Or win and you get a BIG job offer .............................. Most have left for media-perceived "Greener Pastures"; i.e. Weber (mistake) , Turgeon (probably a mistake), McDermott (probably a mistake), only Davis (retired) & Painter may have left & will thrive that I can think of off-hand? Altman came close to making a BIG MISTAKE but came to his senses before sealing the deal.


The Wade Level
I'm not so sure Weber leaving for Illinois was such a big mistake. Lots more money and a much bigger stage. They had a down year last season but I don't see them down for long. Painter will be a huge success in West Lafayette with his recruiting ability. I agree with you oh that the MVC has also become a "stepping stone" for alot of very good coaches.