new indiana state football website?

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The JSW Level
hello fellow sycamore fans. i am contemplating putting together my own indiana state football website. it would be primarily for isu football alums (players, coaches, student trainers and student managers). but it would also be available to isu football fans in general some point if all goes well.

i am just checking to try and get some feedback on what people think of the idea.


The Odum Level
Sounds like a cool idea. Are there enough alums (players, coaches, student trainers and student managers) that will post? The one thing I would like to see is more analysis of our players and the offense and defense we're running. I want to hear from people who know what they're talking about and can give us examples of improvement when it's there, or when it's not.


The JSW Level
bent, i do a newsletter that i send out to former players, coaches, student managers and student trainers. we have around 120 people so far, so yeah, they'll tell it like it is. maybe not what some people want to hear, but they'll tell it like it is. they are true-blue sycamore alums and will level with anybody who asks. they are for the program, they are for trent miles, and they are for helping out financially when and where they can in terms of the program.