New ISU president makes 1st presentation

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The Odum Level
sounds like he has better ideas (especially for sports) than that previous clown who was in office at ISU.


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I found his statement about a remodeling of Hulman Center within the next two to three years to be interesting. I wonder if that's a reference to replacing the rest of the seats? I'm not sure what else the arena needs, other than box seats and suites, neither of which I think you could do in there.

Nice to hear that our new President has athletics in mind and is also mindful of needed upgrades in housing. By the way, when did they stop using Sandison Hall??? I lived there in 89-90. It had just been redone at that time and was really, really nice.

I like President Bradley thus far...

New President

The University is a shell of what it was in the late '70s. Erickson, Burford and Pickerl halls are either all office space or mostly office space. Some buildings on campus have been upgraded but most are lacking to say the least. When you look at how other campuses have updated there facilities over the years it is no wonder that ISU is struggling to get students. The athletic facilities, especially football, are woefully inadequate. I hope and pray that he is successful so the Sycamores can once again be looked at on equal footing with the other institutions in the state.