New MVC standings 2/19/08

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The Odum Level
CRAP! Bradley beats Drake 72-71, this hurts ISU. ISU can still finish ahead of Bradley though. CU is gonna beat MSU

Bradley still plays SIU at home and plays AT CU.
CU plays AT Illinois State and at home vs. Bradley.
SO, should ISU win out and Bradley and CU go 1-1 in their last 2 games, THREE teams will have 10-8 record.

And if SIU goes 1-2 (vs UNI, at Bradley, vs Illinois State) then they will be 10-8 too, so that'd be FOUR teams at 10-8 in the MVC. WOW!

Drake 14-2
Illinois St. 10-5
Southern Illinois 9-6
Creighton 9-7
Bradley 9-7
Indiana State 8-8
Northern Iowa 7-8
Missouri State 6-10
Evansville 3-12
Wichita St. 3-13