New President?

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The Nicks Level
Was anyone else scared by these statements from the search committee chariman:

He said he?s ?cautiously optimistic? ISU will find its new president from within the new candidate pool with the finalist still interested in the position.

?We have four people we interviewed who are potentially qualified to be president,? Carpenter said. ?We?ll see how the committee deals with the pluses and minuses.?

But Carpenter also cautioned that ?if trustees don?t believe we have an adequate pool to bring to the broader campus, we might decide to start [the search] over.?

Is that all the excitement you can muster up for your four top, most qualified, best cadidates for our presidency? Good night nurse, we're going to screw this up for sure...:eek7:
This looks like a simple case of his statements being "politically correct". The search commitee does not have authority to publically say if they are definitively qualified; that falls on the board of trustees. However, I do agree that this is a major decision that will can make or break this university for years to come. I would like to at least like to be made to "feel good" :meditate: about what is going on with the search and his statements leave something to be desired on that front.