News from Spring Practice?


The Nicks Level
Anyone out there know how spring practice is going? A nice article in the Trib-Star earlier in the week. I was just wondering how things look now...



The Captain Level
Today was the first Spring Practice Scrimmage. Pretty Good.

I saw some nice things out of the running back that transferred from Kentucky (Antoine Brown). We are thin in the trenches. Good thing they addressed this area with the recruiting class. It is hard to judge the team based on Spring Practice, but the intensity and effort appeared to be there.

Marvin Lewis was in attendance.


The Sycamore Level
What's the story on the new tight end josh jones? I hear he did really well. Did we use other tight ends besides him?\

EDIT: Oh, and did the new uniforms debut? Or is it the same old for now.
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The Captain Level
First off, Thank God we are using a TE. TE Josh Jones is a converted LB. He is catching on to the new position pretty quickly. He made some very nice grabs yesterday. Joe Wingis is the other TE.

New uniforms have not appeared yet.

By the way, the Blue/White game on April 19th very well may be aired live on Sycamore Vision.


The Sycamore Level
I know there were just two tight ends on the roster in the fall, Monroe and Newman. Monroe left the team sometime this winter, what happened to Newman?


The Odum Level
Sounds like Miles is worried about the shortage of linemen based on the story in the Tribstar today.