NIT bid?

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Hugh McAwesome
If (IF) ISU is able to run the table or finish out the last four games with 3 wins, that would put us at 9-9 in the conference (saying we lost on the road to UNI) and 15-14 overall. Or it could be 10-8 in the conference and 16-13 over all if we win 'em all. If that happens, what odds does everyone give that we could get an NIT bid? 10-8 in the MVC would be hard to ignore as respected as the MVC is and the records listed above don't include getting a win or two in StL. Anyone think it is possible?
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The Varsity Level
I think we would absolutly need 10-8 and win 2 games in the MVC tournament to even get a sniff at the NIT. ONe could argue that we are peaking at the right time though.



It's been a looooooooooooooooooooong time since this kind of thought ever came up. I don't think there is much chance this season unless we could continue to win and get to the MVC Championship game & come up short. But, dammit it we get to the championship game I think we win the whole thing and go dancing.


The Varsity Level
In years past maybe, but you have to remember that the nit is no longer a 64 team field. They cut it by half for this year so I would say no chance for us this year. It will be nice to finish with a winning record if we can do it though. We haven't done that in a few years now.


The Odum Level
I just hope this year is the step forward we've all been waiting for. It looks real doesn't it?


The Varsity Level
I don't think it is possibe. We were in that same record area in Menser and Renn's first two years and got no sniff at all. I thought then we might. I'm not as optimistic now. It's ok, we are a program on the rise!