[November 10, 2023] Indiana State (1-0) at #24 Alabama (1-0)

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I’ve already admitted that I didn’t watch the entire game yet (mostly just the second half), but you also have to factor in the pace that both teams play. That was maybe one of the fastest games we’ll play all year. If you’re putting up shots with 15+ seconds left on the clock, you’re going to give the other team many more chances to score.
That's the point I've been making. We play a much different style now, and Alabama plays a similar style. People look at the number of points given up and that doesn't paint the full picture. We had several guys in foul trouble as well thanks to poor officiating, which makes it harder to play better D. It certainly wasn't a butt whooping either. It was a tight game for most of the way.

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I'm back from the long ass drive. Google Birmingham shooting from Friday night...we were literally 500 feet from being in the middle of that. In any event, what a beautiful campus, and everyone was very friendly...except the boneheaded teenagers.
Alabama was impressed with us...and I don't believe they were condescending. Grant Nelson will take the tide as far as his off hand will push them.
Reffing was awful.....they called nothing in the first 5 minutes. And then it started to shift. If we don't turn the ball over, and make a few more FTs...we're leading that game at the half.
Put it in the rear view. We're going to give MVC opponents absolute fits.
Not disagreeing with your point but I'm 100% hanging on to the memory of this game. Can't believe I feel this good about a 20 point ISU loss. After seeing this tape MVC coaches know they're in serious trouble.
You ain’t wrong. That’s a lot of points to be giving up for sure… And defense has always been a big question mark. That’s a pretty good Bama team - you’re not going to face that level of competition every night in the Valley.

I’m not a blame the officiating kinda guy or I try really really hard not to be that guy. But that was pretty blatant last night - they were not going to let us play with them especially in the second half. I thought the first half we got our fair share of breaks.

You sorta knew it was going to be a long night when we couldn’t get anything easy at the rim early - cutting and passing lanes were not really open and when a JS team isn’t getting the easy stuff it’s problematic. Not in the sense that we won’t be able to score just in the sense that we become pretty reliant on the 3 and if those aren’t going in we’re probably turning it over ala last night.
We probably won't face that level of competition any nite in the Valley.
Vorst has been solid. That dude showed up! That’s great to see he looks the part. Doesn’t look overwhelmed. Just looks like he’s been in the moment before.

Vorst wasn’t bad at all. Fans thought he couldn’t do it prior to the game. He does look like he has been in the moment before.
Adding a little insult to injury: Since I brought him up I looked up how Cam Manyawu did in his fist collegiate game. 13 pts, 10 reb, 5 ast, 1 blk, 1 stl in 26 minutes. Damn, wish I hadn't looked. haha
Yes, he did well… that was funny, you wish you hadn’t looked😂

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That guy must be yelling something at our guys.

Larry when straight in his direction and said "And one. What now?" to them.
I heard they were taunting Larry the ENTIRE GAME. Unsure why??? Larry is not that type of kid to throw a ball and talk to fans during the game like that.
LMAO. That wasn't even close to be out off of us.
I’m done… The officials this second half have absolutely killed this game. Go back and watch the tape I’d sent it to the ncaa
That was a good move sending it to the NCAA
We gotta get Swope going. He hasn’t scored this half. Probably part his own doing and part Bama keeping track.
Bama started making adjustments. Glad Larry picked it up in the second half. Team effort, if a team member is off someone else has to step up.

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Well rounded maybe. Most solid - no he’s not. He can’t fill it up like Swope and Conwell. They are way more dynamic. Stop.

I know we are talking about Larry and his defense. Yes, he is definitely the Most Solid on defense and can score when needed which has been proven. Has never been a selfish player and I hope that doesn’t chance. You have to be able to play on BOTH ENDS OF THE COURT and not just one. I like to see TEAM ball and this team is playing well together.