Old Butler Tradition Ended ?

I never knew they did this in the first place but apparently an old Butler tradition of letting kids go out on the floor and shoot around after the game is no more? The pre-game intro with kids on the floor before ladies games is neat but how about expanding it after the game in the Hulman Center for both the men & ladies games?

Re: Kids Shooting on Hinkle Fieldhouse Court
What is the harm in letting kids play on the floor after the game? I mean, this has been done for years. I can remember on one of the post-game shows last year, Lick was commenting on Hinkle Fieldhouse being such a special place. He used as an example (paraphrased): "Where else in Div 1 basketball do you see a bunch of little kids playing on the court after the game?" He thought that aspect was terrific.


The Wade Level
Didn't know Butler did this either but I think it would be really cool to let kids do. I can kinda see where or why this is coming to a end oh, alot of kids these days have those damn Heely shoes that are like a rollar skate...that can't be good on the court.


The Kleuh Level
Back in the early 60's when the NEW ISU Arena opened, my friend's Dad (an ISU custodian) would let us shoot around while he did his chores on Saturday mornings.
What a trip...:meditate:
It could be kept simple by requiring the wearing of only gym shoes; none with the roller wheels, etc.? It would not take long to get the word out.