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Hugh McAwesome
I have been reading several message boards and articles about tonights game and they all talk about Coach and how he left Creighton and how its the first game vs. Altman, etc. I keep hearing about how it will be hard for Indiana State because Creighton and Altman know how our schemes work so well since McKenna was there for so long. I guess I always thought that Coach M had just as much a hand in developing their offense as Coach Altman did. I was wondering, how much of what Creighton has done in the past is Altman, and how much of it was Coach M's?. I would think he has had a hand in most of the offense over the past few years and can't imagine that it is all Altman's. Was wondering if you could shed some light on that, anyone?????

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
The high post offense is older than my knowledge Kev did bring in some wrinkles to CU's offense while he was there and he's input some more stuff here at ISU. I don't think they've even got all of the offense input yet though. Offense is one of Kev's specialities I think...he's always looking for new wrinkles to add.