Raetz in; West out

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By Jasmine Gregory

After winning just one game in more than two seasons, Indiana State relieved Lou West as head football coach and hired former coach Dennis Raetz.

Former Sycamore head coach Dennis Raetz will serve as interim coach for the rest of the season.

?I appreciate Lou?s dedication to his players and his staff along his efforts to enhance our program over the last three years,? said Ron Prettyman, Director of Athletics. ?With that being said, I have not seen progress in the football program that we has all hoped for, and we will make a change.?

West was 1-25 since he became the coach at Indiana State in 2005. His only win was against Missouri State at last year?s homecoming game. The Sycamores dropped to 0-7 this season after suffering a 69-17 lost to Illinois State on October 13.

Raetz won 94 games in 18 seasons before retiring in 1997, the most games ever won by an ISU football coach. However, Raetz?s teams were victorious in only 47 percent of their attempts (94-105-1).

He coached the Sycamores to their last winning season in 1996 when they went 6-5. He helped guide the Sycamores to a No. 1 national ranking in 1983 and 1984 and is currently scouting for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.

Since 2004, the Sycamore have went 5-35 (.122 winning percentage) and 1-28 since 2005, a shocking .034 winning percentage.

The program has been nothing but consistent with 34 loses in the last 35 games. It opens the question why should we fund a losing program. In 1984, Indiana State dropped several programs that had combined to produce several Olympic champions, including Kurt Thomas and Bruce Baumgartner.