rising travel costs of college sports (SIU)

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The All-MVC Level
went over to the SIU board and this link was posted about their increased travel costs. Makes me wonder how much flying ISU does as opposed to driving to meets/games/matches, etc...

article link

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With what they pay Lowery he should be footing the transportation bill........
indiana state travel

when i worked in the indiana state athletic department, we drove to just about every game -- be it on turner buses, the athletic department mini-bus, in school vans, or on a first national bank motor home.

we drove so much one football season -- drving to oklahoma state was a load, especially the straight drive back after the game -- that one former assistant coach joked that it was a good thing we didn't play games in hawaii.

during my days at isu, we drove 95 percent of the time, whether it was in football or baseball.