Schools have started to cancel football games...


The Menser Level
Let's keep a running tally of D-1 conferences that have postponed their fall sports...

Ivy League
Patriot League
America East
Atlantic 10

OX 92

The Sycamore Level
As others drop off and if the MVFC can play. It would be good exposure nationally. Possibly better TV slots? This country wants football.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Some positive movement on the CFB season still going on elsewhere:


Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
So right now it looks like the Big Sky, Big South, MVFC, NEC, OVC, Pioneer, Southern and Southland conferences have not announced cancellations. CAA, Ivy, MEAC, Patriot and SWAC have cancelled.

The NEC reported they will make a decision at the Presidents meeting at end of July. I'd be interested to see if teams are scrambling to adjust schedules and what the plans are for conferences that want to play. Would also be nice to see the FCS board come out with some sort of thoughts, guidance.


The Captain Level
OVC made an announcement that they are pushing fall sports back to September except for football. They announced they are still planning on playing a full season.


The Odum Level
Several other conferences have announced the usual delays to the start of Fall sports, also, Michigan State and Rutgers have quarantined their entire football teams.

we'll probably hear from the MVC and MVFC this next week.

again, I honestly think there will be no Fall sports whatsoever this year


The Captain Level
As some of you may know with the Big Ten cancelling non-conference games, Southern Illinois lost their money game against Wisconsin. SIU announced today that they will be playing Kansas on August 29th after receiving a Week 0 waiver from the NCAA. With this move I am going to say that the MVFC is going to be giving the green light for football. I can't see SIU going through the trouble just to get the game cancelled by the MVFC a few days later. This news is very encouraging.


Hugh McAwesome
MAAC just announced all fall sports cancelled, not football though because they don't play it. They do have a few members that play in other conferences (I think) so not sure if they are cancelled or if they get to decide for themselves.

Still think the big boys will play. Too much money that they can not afford to walk away from.


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Always felt they should have remained in the FCS but as a program, they're ~.500, have a .500 FBS bowl record, 25 conf titles and ~20 current alumni in the NFL.

Also surprised the took Edsall back; they spend hordes of cash to make the move from FCS to FBS and he bolts for Maryland after 7 seasons...

Most UConn fans felt his Maryland debacle was karma