Scott Javins' car & a body found in the Wabash River

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The Wade Level
TERRE HAUTE ? Police have confirmed that the vehicle removed Friday from the Wabash River is Scott Javins' car and Vigo County Sheriff Jon Marvel initially indicated that a body was in the vehicle.

Using a VIN number, police were able to identify the vehicle, Marvel said during a news conference. Marvel also indicated during the news conference that a body was found in the vehicle. When pressed after the news conference, Terre Haute Police Chief George Ralston said police do not yet know if there are remains in the car. Marvel said police are classifying the investigation as a homicide and a deputy coroner was seen for a short time at the jail.

Acting on a tip received by Sheriff's Deputy Tim Gossett on a submerged car found in the Wabash River, police discovered a hatchback vehicle near Fairbanks Park. A silver "H" could be seen on the front of the mud-caked vehicle.

Scott Javins went missing May 24, 2002. Since that time, police have investigated numerous tips and searched extensively throughout the Wabash Valley.

Gossett contacted Merv Javins, who then called his wife Doreena. The parents were on hand with THPD and the Sheriff's Department as the vehicle was taken from the river. After the car was removed, Scott's parents were standing by the river, comparing photos of his Honda Civic Si with the vehicle, which was, at the time, suspended by crane about 3 feet over the river.

The crane was used at the site, near the Terre Haute Family Y in Fairbanks Park, to remove the car. A hook from the crane was lowered to the river and divers connected straps to the hook and brought up the vehicle.

Bystanders numbering more than 100 are being kept back by police tape while they worked the scene.

Divers attached straps in order to maintain the integrity of the vehicle prior to bringing it up and taped off a window.

Police have taken the vehicle to a bay at the Vigo County Jail.