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Anyone receive their season tickets yet? Thursday is coming on quick & I have not seen mine yet; ordered them right after Labor Day weekend.



The Captain Level

Mine came last week. If you have been a member of the Sycamnore Varsity Club in years past but have not paid this season, then your tickets may be held to ascertain where to place you. I'd call tomorrow and get it straightened out.


That is not the problem. They called me a couple of weeks ago and said they could not seat me as I requested. We agreed on another set of seats but no tickets have arrived. I do not live in Terre Haute & will not get them in time to make the game unless they are delivered in tomorrow's late afternoon mail. Any idea who I should call if they aren' there? And don't tell me the HC ticket office. I want someone who is civil and gives a damn.


The Nicks Level
Hey Blue, I live in Indy, and one time I got all the way to Ninth and Walnut in Terre Haute before I realized I had left my tickets at home! Ooops. I figured I'd be buying two tickets to get in, but when I went to the ticket window and explained what happened, they asked my name and where, generally, my tickets were located, and they verified the info and gave me two passes to get in the arena. They were very nice to work with, although I encouraged that by being really nice and humble to them.

You might give that a try if you don't get your tix in time...

Just a thought.

Blue Streaker

The Varsity Level
I have forgot my tickets several times over the years and it has never been a big problem. Also one year my MVC tourney tickets that I purchased through the ticket office did not come until I got home from the tournament. Jennifer Cook the ticket director did all of the leg work with the MVC and arena and I had my tickets at Will Call in St. Louis. I have never had a problem working with her at the ticket office.