softball - ISU vs WSU

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The Odum Level
Sycamores win game 1 of the DH today 1-0 on a 1st inning home run that stood up the entire game, WSU loaded the bases in the 7th, but could not score to tie it up.

good work!

How about a report Syc-em.....


The Odum Level
ISU wins game 2 too

in a stunning 7th inning, WSU took the lead 3-2 on a 2 run HR in the top of the 7th, then ISU won it in the bottom of the 7th with a walk-off 2 run HR to sweep the DH and win the series. Game 3 is on Sunday.

Hopefully the girls will continue this winning and make the MVC tourney, but they're a ways behind in the standings yet.

Syc'em, you can fill in the details here as you always do....


The Sycamore Level
The top 8 make the tourney. If the host team (SIU) doesn't finish in the top 8, they bump the 8th place team.

Great day for ISU. Wichita came in at 27-17 with an RPI of 54. They have swept SIU (without allowing a run the entire weekend) and took 2 of 3 from Creighton last weekend. SIU and Creighton are tied for 1st in the Valley.
Simpson hits a lead-off HR in Game 1 and then Katie Armour pitches a great game allowing only 2 hits in 6 innings before Meagan McCurdy comes in and gets the save in the 7th - not before WSU makes it interesting. Sycamores only manage 1 hit - but it's enough. Sr. Ashly Bright throws a great game for WSU, striking out 13 and only allowing the 1 hit.
Wichita goes back to Bright for game 2, and WSU threatens first in the 2nd. They get a runner to 3rd with 1 out and try a squeeze play, but the batter is unable to connect on the pitch, leading to their runner being thrown out trying to get back to 3rd. WSU hits a solo HR in the top of the 4th off of McCurdy to go up 1-0. With 2 outs, Katie Iocoangeli gets a single for ISU in the bottom of the 4th and then Katie Armour hits a 2 run HR to centerfield that bounces off the top of the outfield fence and goes over for the 2-1 lead. Score stays the same to the top of the 7th, when WSU's leadoff hitter gets a single with 1 out - a flare just past a diving Simpson in the hole at short. Next batter deposits a 3-1 pitch well over the left centerfield wall for the 3-2 WSU lead. McCurdy then gets two weak groundballs back to the pitcher to end the inning. Armour comes up first in the bottom of the 7th for ISU and gets a single. Kelsey Anderson then tries to sacrifice her to 2nd but is unable to get the bunt down and falls behind 0-2. She fouls off a number of pitches before finally planting one over the right field wall for the walk-off homerun. Bright again a tough loser for WSU, this time allowing 5 hits and again striking out 13.
Due to the weather, these were the only games played in the league today. Weather doesn't look promising for tomorrow.
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