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The Varsity Level
Can the admin install some security method to keep these spamming bots from registering? Some sort of Confirmation System or an approval system? The spam is absolutely out of hand.


The All-MVC Level
no kidding superfan, it's INSANE!! Every few minutes more spam is being posted. The administrators of this board are never on here, it's pathetic.


The Nicks Level
It's a darn shame, too, because this has really become my board of choice for following ISU sports. Unfortunately, the incessant spamming is becoming a real distraction, and is dragging down the usability of the forum.

Come on Svoboda or Fire Medic - can't you guys do something???


The Wade Level
Hey gang...remember me? lol Finaly getting some free time again as life has been pretty crazy lately. Been dropping in from time to time and hopefuly I can get back to full time on here. There should be apps that can be instaled to keep off the spammers.


The Odum Level
Are the administrators EVER going to fix the spam/pornography problem on this site????? It doesn't look good when prospective students/parents, etc...come here and see all this stuff.


The All-MVC Level
where are the admin's?

hello?? Anyone here? Any administrators around to take care of the spam that has taken over?