State spent $80k lobbying in 2006

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Lobbying by Indiana colleges - Here are the lobbying expenditures reported by Indiana colleges and universities in 2006:

1. Purdue University, $492,000.
2. University of Notre Dame, $200,000.
3. Indiana University, $180,000.
4. Indiana Wesleyan University, $120,000.
5. Ball State University, $80,000.
5. Indiana State University, $80,000.
5. Valparaiso University, $80,000.
8. Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, $60,000.
9. University of Indianapolis, $40,000.
10. Vincennes University, $18,000.

Did anyone else see this in the Indy Star? I was suprised to see State come in at #5. Purdue spent $500k and got $300m in grants last year. That's a damn fine ROI.

URL: Indianapolis Star
If ISU ever expects to increase the QUALITY of their curriculum offerings (i.e. medicine, RX, law), they'll need to considerably increase pressure in the 'Nap, where the IN Legislature is dominated by "Big 3" reps.