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The Menser Level
It is pretty exciting. I've watched all of the new guys except Kent quite a bit in actual recorded games. With what I have seen and knowing what we have returning, I am very optimistic about our ability to score in a variety of ways.
I'm too old to wish my time away, but I want November to be here NOW.


The Blue Level
It's going to be interesting to see who emerges as the scoring leader on this team this year. Right now i think its going to be down to a three way race. I really hope our inside play emerges.


The Menser Level
Really thought this interview was insightful. For some of the negatives of Schertz sharing too much sometimes, interviews like this are the positive. Very interesting to here his comments on depth (the most he’s ever had) and how there will be players who will need to sacrifice their playing time for the overall good of the team. I like that he thinks we have enough high character guys where feelings getting hurt due to lack of playing time won’t be an issue.

It also seems Schertz still plans to keep the rotations tight. Even though we have 12+ guys who should see the floor, it sounds like we should still expect heavy minutes from core players.


The Odum Level
Good interview. I find JS to be pretty insightful and different - it’s not the same cliché bull shit that you typically hear from some coaches.

I’m glad Martin mentioned defense toward the end… I was ready to say 10 mins into the interview and I don’t think JS uttered the word defense.

I don’t have doubts about our “ability” to play defense. As he described I think he has some individuals that have the tools to be really good on that side of the ball. I have serious doubts - have since we hired JS about his, our teams, this programs commitment to playing high level defense for 40 mins.

I’m not bringing up GL to try and get into a GL conversation so I hesitate even saying this… And even though GL style was not near as enjoyable to watch I think GL’s commitment to defense in practice and in games was very sound. It’s like we went from one extreme to another… A coach that was vanilla on offense but was commuted to winning games on defense. To a coach that has a progressive/dynamic style of offense but seems completely careless in his approach to defense.

Maybe I overstated that a bit… But it was abysmal at times last year. It’s where much of my focus will be early on in the season. If you have the depth that he talks about then you shouldn’t have an issue getting guys to play hard on both sides of the floor - if they don’t get a hand up, don’t block out, get back cut, aren’t physical, don’t win 50/50 balls then sit they ass on the bench. Please please make a commitment to defense and you will be awarded!