Sycamores at Missouri State

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The All-MVC Level
ISU is getting thumped at the half 33-23, totally getting outrebounded by MSU and only shooting 29% from the field, gonna have to have a huge 2nd half to win this one folks.


The All-MVC Level
things getting ugly for ISU now in the 2nd half, losing 54-37. Probably not going to be able to pull this one out.

They'll have to come home next weekend and beat SIU and Evansville. Hopefully they'll draw big crowds for these 2 games.

the other games this aft. in the MVC include:

Bradley (4-0) at UNI (3-1)
Illinois State (2-1) at WSU (1-4)
Drake (3-2) at SIU (0-4)
Creighton (3-2) at Evansville (1-3)


The All-MVC Level
and your final is MSU 77 ISU 53, ISU didn't have a very good game rebounding, which played a big part in this game today. Also shooting % was not very good either.

tough loss for ISU, but if anyone had told us the girls would be 4-1 at this point in MVC play we'd take it. Just need to take care of business at home next weekend now.