Sycamores at UNI

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The All-MVC Level
really important game for ISU tonight, and it's on Fox Sports Midwest too, so if you haven't seen the women play, tonight is a good opportunity. Need to win to keep pace with Illinois State, who plays at Bradley tonight I believe.

From the Trib star

it's too bad ISU is down 3 contributing players at this point, imagine even how much better they'd be if all three were healthy. The future is really good for this team though.

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The All-MVC Level
anyone else watching this game? ALOT of turnovers for both teams.

at the half ISU leads by 4, but they had a 14 point lead and let UNI right back in it with a bunch of 3's.

Defensively this is a pretty good team, they need to hit their shots in the 2nd half.

Illinois State is going to beat Bradley tonight, so this win is crucial for ISU tonight.


The Captain Level
No TV Coverage on Time-Warner

The game is not available on Time-Warner in Terre Haute as advertised. I have raised a ton of hell to no avail. ISU is up 25-21 at half. At one time we had a 12 or 14 point lead.


The All-MVC Level
ISU wins

It certainly wasn't pretty at times, but ISU fought off every UNI challenge to win tonight. Very good games from Jarrett, Luna, and Cooley. Schoen (sp?) was the only one who really had an off night with foul trouble.

None the less, now 7-1 and still tied for 1st in the MVC with Illinois State.

What an amazing season so far for the girls.