Sycamores vs. Creighton

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The Odum Level
won't be able to post during the game, but might as well start a game thread. 2:05 start time (EST). Let's hope the small, quiet crowd at Hulman today can lull the Blue Jays to sleep and let ISU win it's 4th in the last 5 games against CU at Hulman Center.

will they be wearing the 1979 uniforms today????

Don't forget TG will be blogging live, or at least he should be.



The Odum Level
Looks like 46-42 in the second half is the closest we got. 79-61 is the final. Tough losing one at home, but this is going to be one of those seasons where we have to appreciate the few wins we can get.


The Odum Level
I'm not too upset with this loss, I mean really, we didn't expect ISU to win, Creighton is pretty good and played pretty good ball today.

ISU really shot itself in the foot with poor free throw shooting, usually they shoot alot better than they did today. Only hit like 50 some % from the line. Also got outrebounded by quite a bit, but that happens all the time, so nothing new there.

Creighton also was INSANE from 3 point range, you can't ever expect to beat a team that hits over 60% from beyond the arch, but that shows ISU's defense wasn't very good today (perimeter).

Like Golden said in this blog, it's not a bad loss and ISU must forget about this and get ready for Evansville on Sunday. ISU REALLY needs a win badly to get off to a good start on this homestand. Still have 4 of the next 6 games at home.

And Evansville just got HAMMERED at Illinois State today by like 30 points. They have yet to win on the road, something ISU has already done in 2008.

don't give up yet.

don't forget the Sunday game is a TV game too.


The Varsity Level
I agree CC. We didn't do that badly today. CU is really, really good. They have sooooooo many weapons.

Coaches have done a good job making some adjustments that are paying dividends. They deserve major props for getting the kids back, as many teams would have had the "piss on the fire, the hunt's over..." attitude. Good job to KMac and Co.

We'll pick up our share of wins. As the team grows and matures and understands that you don't take plays off, we'll get there. And I really don't think there's anyone in the conference that is better than Creighton.

Evansville had better watch out. I feel a good game coming on!!!!!



The Odum Level
Wow... You people on this board must really hate me. I just don't see what you see I guess. I saw a team that played at home yesterday and looked like they were coming off a loss.

I agree Creighton is a good team. May very well be the best in the Valley. But did you really see reason to believe that we would win a "handful of games" yesterday? Please explain? Give reason to support such statements please. I gave reasons in another post why I don't think we will a handful of games if any... Not because I am trying to be negative because that's simply the way I see it and if you don't like it get over it. We are weak!


The Wade Level
i was at this game as well as the IUPUI game i saw a little difference in the play of the two . it seemed they played with a little more energy. however what i saw yesterday was the difference in coaching staffs. the CU coaching staff was into the game and in control of their team. the bluejays were a team who knew where to go and what to do you could see that the coaching staff had confidence in their players and in what they had taught them . our players just stood around and looked lost at times