Sycamores vs SIU

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The All-MVC Level
unlike the men last night, the women are winning tonight at the half 27-18

need to win to stay in 1st place in the MVC

The other game tonight is Evansville at Illinois State
Go Purple Aces!


The All-MVC Level
ISU wins big in this game tonight. Now 5-1 and back in 1st place in the MVC pending the outcome of the Illinois State - Evansville game, which Ill. St. is winning big.

Potential BAD injury to ISU's Deja Mattox though tonight, she went down with a bad right knee injury.

anyone at the game give us an update? Hopefully it's not another season ending injury for the Sycamores.

final score ISU 63 SIU 37, big win for ISU