The facilities stink - now what?

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The Odum Level
The idea of building a multi-purpose facility on campus sounds great to me, but how realistic is it? How long would it take to get the funding? Moving the football team to an on campus location would be a great idea and help them out a lot, but I do wonder what would become of Memorial Stadium. I hope they take some serious steps toward making this happen.


The Nicks Level
Honestly, getting rid of Memorial Stadium would give the City of Terre Haute an opportunity to develop that property as a great park, or a water park, or just about anything. It could really kick-start development of the east side of TH.

I would love to see a new stadium on campus. And I'll just bet RP has an idea where he's gonna get the money. My guess is (and it's purely a guess) that we'll see construction start before anyone thinks it's possible...:meditate: