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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Like the old American Express commericals, membership certainly has it's privileges. In this case, we're not talking about American Express, but rather the Sycamore Varsity Club. Starting June 1st, 2007, new Sycamore AD Ron Prettyman launched the new Varsity Club program, which allows for fans and alumni to further support the Sycamores athletics teams, or a team of your choice. Starting at only $100 ($50 for Young Alumni), membership in the Varsity Club includes many great benefits such as apparel, media guides, special event invitations, and much more!

In order to help out the cause, we figured we'd drop this little announcement to make you aware of the Varsity Club so you could get your donation in to help out the Sycamore cause. If you want to see the Sycamores start competing on the national level, it will undoubtedly take more support from the alumni and fan base.

From the Varsity Club website: "Varsity Club contributions are tax deductible and can be designated to the Sycamore Athletics Scholarship Fund or directly to the sports team of your choice. Your Varsity Club membership plays an important role in providing scholarship and operational resources for ISU Athletics to be competitive both regionally and nationally."

If you would like to find out more about the revamped Sycamore Varsity Club, be sure to check out the official website for more information and an enrollment form. Go Sycamores!


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The Varsity Level
Actually this is an old club that was forgotten and swept under the rug years ago. Through out the 80's my dad was a board member for the Varsity Club that in the 90's was put out to pasture. I have been talking to both John and Brett and have told them congrats on getting this up and running again. There was the Varsity Fund, but $$ was distributed differently. It truely is good to have the Varsity club back. I have actually broke out my old 80's Varsity Club pins. SVC forever! I think that those who were in the SVF and Now in the SVC. It is what they did years ago making SVC members SVF members.