Thinking of Transferring to ISU

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I am a current student at another school, and unhappy where I am. I am a citizen of the great state of Indiana, and would like to go to an in-state school with a sport management program, and it appears that ISU is just the place.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Things I should make sure to do/get/sign up for, or avoid?

Thanks in advance for the help!


The Nicks Level
I don't know much about the Sports Management program at ISU (College of Business alum), but I can tell you that Indiana State is a fantastic institution that will have an immense, positive impact on your life. I had opportunities for leadership positions, scholarships, and social life things that I would not have had at a bigger school. I knew every one of my professors, and they knew me. Heck, I was on a friendly speaking basis with the President!!!

ISU gets a bad rap from most of the state, but it's not a fair judgment of the school. Visit campus, talk with the professors and students. You'll learn everything you need to know.

I would not trade my four years at ISU for anything...