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The Sycamore Level
Brogan Wolfe, who has played the past two years at Greenville College will be transferring to ISU to play his final two years. He will have to sit for one year due to transfer rules.

Welcome aboard Brogan!!!

That makes at least five players from the Little Illini Conference who will be playing for the Sycamores. Roberts (Pal-Hut), Johnson (Marshall), and Butler (Cumberland) will all play football, Buher (Lawrenceville) for womens basketball and now Wolfe (Martinsville) for mens basketball.


The Menser Level
I would most definitely say he's a walkon. Ave 9 MPG. 6'3" F. Did shoot 36% on 3's. Another body in practice.

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Not so sure this is valid least according to my source. He may be going to attend ISU but not sure about him playing for the Syc's (scholie, walk-on or otherwise.)


The Varsity Level
I'd say if anybody has an inside source it would be Eddie. The kid may want to walk on, but that doesn't mean he will. I'd like to walk on with the Reds too, but that doesn't mean they will let me.