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The All-MVC Level
People forget how big UIC is....at least I did until I looked. They now have triple the alumni of ISU and quadruple the students (another MVC peer institution with "record enrollment" in 2021). ISU's operating budget is $173 million. UIC's is $3.6 BILLION (to be fair a third of that is a hospital...but still....BILLIONS).

It's a big school in a big city.



Hugh McAwesome
Is UIC a commuter school or do they get that many kids on campus?

Wright State University is just down the road from me and they usually have an enrollment of around 15k (it has fallen in recent years) but about 10-12k of that total lived off campus and commutes. Basically they show up for class and then go home and spend little time on campus.

Is UIC similar?